Old News

12/31 - A four update day for the last day of 2022! Also updating today: Ebb's Children, Silence in the Darkness on Q16, and They Never Did Find Station V3!
2/7 - Not much new here at the moment (apart from a little site maintenance), but Station V3 has been updating again - including an appearance by the Guardian today!
12/31 - And here's an update for 2017! (And here and here and here!)
12/31 - An update for 2016! See also: Ebb's Children, Silence in the Darkness on Q16, and Whatever Became of Station V3?
12/31 - An update for 2015! Also updating today: Ebb's Children, Silence in the Darkness on Q16, and Whatever Became of Station V3?
8/19 - Another Z7 sighting! (This one might be real!)
7/11 - There have been a couple of recent Z7 sightings! (Even if one was on a poster and the other was fake...)
12/31 - One more update for 2014! See also: Station V3, Ebb's Children, and Silence in the Darkness on Q16!
11/30 - Your eyes are not deceiving you... Z7 just updated again!
12/28 - Don't miss the finale of Zortic by fellow PodWarp/Quark/"Comic beginning with Z" cartoonist Mark Mekkes!
11/13 - I've made some changes to the way the comic archive is set up. All the old links should still work, they'll just redirect to the new URLs. Let me know if you see any problems!
5/12 - Station V3's tenth birthday guest week gets off to an unofficial start today with a strip from Z7!
5/6 - It's been a while since Z7 had a Monday update, but today is a special occasion... Station V3 is ten years old today!
4/27 - Keeping up the now annual tradition of either missing it or announcing it late... Z7 turned another year older earlier this month! 9 years old now, and Silence in the Darkness on Q16 is 6. Next month Station V3 turns 10!
12/29 - Another four update day!
12/25 - First four update day in a while - see also Station V3, Ebb's Children, and Silence in the Darkness on Q16. Merry Christmas!
9/1 - Strip #1000 here at Z7 today!
5/6 - Station V3 is 9 years old today, and celebrating with a guest strip week that starts with a contribution from Z7!
4/14 - Z7 is 8 years old this month! (And Silence in the Darkness on Q16 is 5!)
10/29 - Four updates today! Z7, Station V3, Silence in the Darkness on Q16 and Ebb's Children all have new strips up.
8/7 - Z7 has a working voting button again, now with TopWebcomics! Today's new voting bonus for Station V3 worked equally well (or better) as a Z7 voting bonus - and so it is!
5/12 - Station V3's guest strip week got off to its unofficial start this year with a 'guest strip' from Z7!
5/7 - Station V3 turned eight years old yesterday!
4/10 - Last Tuesday: Gordon's voice went missing! (Also, Z7 turned 7! Gordon would have said something, but his voice went missing.)
9/7 - Also updating today: Station V3 (of course!), Silence in the Darkness on Q16, and Ebb's Children!
7/7 - There's a guest strip I drew up at One Small Step today!
5/9 - Station V3's annual guest strip week "unofficially" starts this year with a "guest strip" from Z7! (Just like last year!)
5/6 - Some V3 universe milestones - Z7 turned 6 last month, Silence in the Darkness on Q16 turned 3, and today, Station V3 turns 7!
1/1 - Happy New Year!
12/27 - A milestone for one of the other Station V3 spinoffs today - Silence in the Darkness on Q16 had its 1,000th strip go up!
12/12 - For the first time in a while, all four strips in the Station V3 universe updated on the same day - including Ebb's Children!
5/3 - There's a Z7 "guest comic" up over at Station V3 today!
4/30 - Fun fact for today: Z7 turned 5 this month! (On the 5th, actually.) And Silence in the Darkenss on Q16 turned 2.
1/1 - Happy New Year!
10/26 - Site redesign today! If anything looks wrong on your browser, please let me know.
8/12 - At this point, I think it's safe to say the Webbed Comics vote button isn't coming back - so I've replaced that with a W.A.G.O.N. Toplists button instead.
4/11 - Visit the Z7 forum today and make your voice heard on a Very Important Issue!
4/8 - Z7 turned four years old the other day! (Actually, a couple Other Days ago - on the 5th.)
3/9 - For those of you who like sci-fi, webcomics, and podcasts, PodWarp 1999 - The SciFi Webcomic Podcast conveniently combines all three!
1/1 - Happy New Year!
12/22 - The links page needed updating... So it's been updated! Some dead links removed, some new links added.
12/18 - The current strip is #500 for Z7! (Not counting the 9 strips from Station V3 it started with.)
12/9 - Most of you reading Z7 probably also read Station V3, and already know this, but just in case anyone missed the announcement, the first Station V3 book, An Experimental Space Pod Visits Station V3! is now available at lulu.com!
9/29 - I think it's safe to call the current update schedule here "Tuesdays and Saturdays" now instead of "Tuesdays and/or Saturdays," since the last time it was "or" instead of "and" was May.
9/15 - It appears to be Rumormonger Day... Not only are they appearing in Z7, but they're also in today's strips at Station V3, Ebb's Children, and Silence in the Darkness on Q16!
9/5 - Up and running on a new host now!
9/1 - The host I'm on seems to be having a few problems today, and one of the problems may be more likely to affect Z7 (and Ebb's Children and Silence in the Darkness on Q16) than Station V3. It doesn't seem to have affected any of them yet, but if Z7 does disappear, check Station V3 and see if that's up, and I'll try to get everything up and running as soon as I can. (And if nothing happens, I suppose you can just disregard this message!)
5/5 - It's Online Comics Day today - and one of the Gordons read today's comic!
4/30 - I suppose I should I mention before the month's over... Z7 turned 3! The first actual Z7 strip went up April 5, 2004.
4/17 - Today three Station V3 spinoffs updated - and Z7 was one of them! (See the other two here and here.)
4/2 - Two Station V3 spinoffs updated today... And neither one was Z7! That'll be tomorrow.
3/7 - The Tuesdays and/or Saturdays update schedule seems to be working out (and it's mostly "and," with I think only one "or" so far), so I think I'll keep it that way for now.

Also, there's a new voting bonus to see today when you vote for Z7 at Webbed Comics - the first new one since September! (And if you missed that one, you can still see it here.)

2/10 - I've updated the site, giving it a similar look to Station V3's redesign.

Also, like Station V3, Z7 has a favorite character poll running on the forum. Vote now!

1/16 - I've decided to get Z7 back on some sort of update schedule - Tuesdays and/or Saturdays. So there will be at least one strip coming up this Saturday, next Tuesday, or next Saturday. (Maybe even all three!)
1/9 - Happy 2007! You may have seen here on Station V3 where I said I was going to try to update Z7 at least 50 times this year - well, here's the first one today! (And at some point I'll get around to updating Ebb's Children again, too!)
12/25 - Merry Christmas/Happy #11/Season's Greetings/Happy December 25th!
12/14 - Yep! There's a new strip up today. Despite the dead/dying/strange computers and lack of a regular update schedule. :)
11/28 - Today's update does not get Z7 back on a regular MWF update schedule... For one thing, it's Tuesday! But the strip will occasionally update.

Also, Project Wonderful ads are now running on Z7.

10/23 - Two bits of news today:

First, today's strip is the 400th for Z7, not counting the 9 Station V3 strips it started with.

Second, there will at some point (maybe soon) be a 401st strip, but Z7 is going off the regular MWF schedule for now. You can keep track of when it updates on The Webcomic List - and of course there's also the option of occasionally checking back here! :)

9/14 - There's a (slightly overdue!) new Sunday-sized bonus strip up today at Webbed Comics, in which the talking asteroids discuss Ceres!
5/31 - The first new Z7 voting incentive for May is up now when you vote for Z7 at Webbed Comics! (And considering there's less than an hour to go, I think it's probably also the last new Z7 voting incentive for May!) It's a bad translation of today's strip. If you missed any of the previous bonuses, they're up over here at the forum.
4/17 - I had two different third panels for today's strip (and decided on the one currently seen above) - vote for Z7 at Webbed Comics today and see the other one!
3/26 - I noticed that the June 6, 2005 comic was missing from the archives - I guess somehow it didn't get uploaded when I transferred the comic here last year. But I've fixed that now!

(Of course, that also means Strip #300 wasn't when I thought it was, but it's a little late to do anything about that now!)

3/24 - If you're wondering what it says on the Z7 Mission Statement poster in today's strip, you can get a better look at it when you vote for Z7 at Webbed Comics. Just don't expect anything too inspiring. :)

(It's about time I updated that bonus... the last new one - which you can see here if you missed it - went up in January. Thank You to everyone who's been voting for Z7!)

3/10 - Monday's strip was the 300th here, not counting the nine Station V3 strips Z7 started with!
2/24 - Every comic here (except the current one) now has a transcription at Oh No Robot! Thanks to everyone who helped out with that.
2/19 - Something you probably knew already: Station V3, the comic Z7 spun off from, had its 1,000th strip go up today!
1/15 - It's been over a month since I updated the voting bonus, so it's about time for a new one! In the new one up today at Webbed Comics, the Gordons are discussing Z7's box and transdimensional engineering.
1/10 - DrunkDuck is back again, and with a new look! Z7 won't be moving back there, but it's nice to see it up and running again.
1/1 - Happy New Year!
12/25 - Merry Christmas/Happy December 25th!
12/9 - Some sad webcomic news today... DrunkDuck (Z7's former home) has been down again for a while, and unfortunately, it looks like it's going to stay down. Or at least it won't be coming back in its previous form any time soon.
12/5 - Z7 (the site, not the station) had more visitors last month than any previous month - Thank You to everyone who's been reading it! This month is off to a good start too. (And I've updated the bonus at Webbed Comics, with a really bad translation of today's strip. If Project Comics happens to be working, feel free to vote there too!)
11/24 - Happy Thanksgiving!
11/18 - Project Comics doesn't seem to be staying up consistently, so I've signed Z7 up for the Webbed Comics voting list - and this one supports voting incentives, so to get things started, today's bonus is a very bad translation of today's strip. Also... Z7 now has transcriptions for 100 strips up on Oh No Robot. Many thanks to Tankred and the Anonymous Benefactor(s) for helping out with that!
11/11 - I've signed Z7 (and V3) up for Oh No Robot, a site where you can search through transcriptions of strips from various webcomics. So when you see "transcribe this comic" buttons on the strips in the archive, that's what that's for. :)
11/9 - I've been making a few minor changes to the comic automation script for Z7. One of the changes is here in the newsbox - to prevent the page from getting too cluttered, old news will appear on its own page. If you see any problems, let me know!
11/4 - Looks like everyone who said "The asteroid" or "It depends on who calls first" in the poll was right!
11/1 - Honest J!on's rescue service is going to rescue Buzz and Harold... But they're not the only ones who called. Who will he rescue first? Make your opinion known here! Also - Thanks for voting for Z7 on Project Comics! It wound up in the top 20 there last month, and it's back there again now. :)
10/31 - Happy Halloween!
10/25 - Some webcomic news: DrunkDuck did come back up! (But Z7's settled in pretty well here, so this is where it'll continue to update with new strips.) In other news, Z7's almost in the Top 20 on the Project Comics voting list! And in other other news, it's no longer the only Station V3 spinoff - I put up Ebb's Children to test out some code for the ComicOstrich system. It's mostly strips from Station V3 right now, but it'll be occasionally updated with new strips.
10/11 - DrunkDuck's still down (apparently a hosting problem), so this'll be Z7's new home instead of just a mirror. To mark the occasion (and provide a place to comment on the strips), there's now a Z7 forum!